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August 2022
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Term time holidays now a criminal offence

27th April 2017

The supreme court has upheld the ban on parents taking their children out of school for family holidays during term time, marking the end of 'legal' term time holidays for parents and their children... read more

Welsh minister tells parents they can take their children on holiday during term time

8th February 2017

Welsh Minister Huw Lewis has advised schools and parents in Wales that they can take up to 10 days holiday during term time.  To read the full article, click here. ... read more

SCHOOL’S OUT: Two in three parents would take their kids on holiday during school term-time

13th April 2015

Two in three parents would take their kids on holiday during school term-time, a new study has shown. Read the full article here ... read more

Poor children segregated on to 'Pupil Premium' tables Ofsted claims

29th January 2015

Ofsted has criticised some schools for grouping disadvantaged children together on so-called “pupil premium tables” in classrooms. Click here to read the full story.    ... read more

Why Finland has the best education system in the world: NBC nightly news

9th April 2014

Finland's teachers come from the top 10% of graduates just like doctors and lawyers - Finland's best and brightest are chosen to teach. However, in the US, 47% of teachers come from the bottom third... read more

Do you really know what's going on in your child's classroom?

9th April 2014

  ... read more

Education - One size doesn't fit all

9th April 2014

... read more

TED Talks: How to escape education's Death Valley

8th April 2014

  A presentation by Sir Ken Robinson... read more

TED Talks: Does school kill creativity?

7th April 2014

A presentation by Sir Ken Robinson  ... read more

Diagnosing Special Educational Needs

18th July 2012

If you think your child is struggling at school, either academically or socially or whether you have concerns but you are unable to pinpoint what the problem might be, it could be that your chi... read more

Special Educational Needs: Getting your child the support they need

10th July 2012

If your child is experiencing difficulties at school, whether they are not progressing in their school work or they are having problems interacting with other children, or if you have concerns abou... read more

Should parents sit on the Board Of Governors? (updated 29.4.17)

20th June 2012

If you are a parent with a problem or grievance with your child's school, you are required to follow the schools complaint's procedure. Currently, this is a standard procedure for most schools and o... read more

Your rights: Deferring your child's primary school place (updated 29.4.17)

16th June 2012

Your rights - Deferring your child's primary school place Most primary schools expect their new intake of reception children to start school in the September following their fourth birthday.  Howeve... read more

Timetables for all primary schools

31st May 2012

You would have thought that when your child starts primary school, one of the first things you would be given is a weekly timetable.  This is not so in the state sector however, and if your schoo... read more

Not being allowed to go to the toilet during class poses serious health risks (updated 29.4.17)

22nd May 2012

Given the scale of the problem of children not being allowed to go to the toilet during class, it is important that parents are made aware of the psychological effects and health risks associated... read more

Church School Admissions - the unfairness of it all

17th May 2012

Are you one of the thousands of parents required to go to church in order for your child to attend your local church school? If you are not already aware of this, the vast majority of church sc... read more

The Suggestion Box - Why every school should have one

15th May 2012

For many parents, approaching their teacher or school about a matter to do with their child or the school itself, may be difficult for a number of reasons.  Some parents may find their teacher unap... read more

Plimsolls - Not feet for purpose?

12th May 2012

If your child is expected to wear plimsolls for any length of time during the school day, then they could be doing untold damage to their feet.  Plimsolls are made for short-term wear, up to an hou... read more

Going to the toilet during class (updated 29.4.17)

11th May 2012

Has your child ever come home and told you they weren't allowed to go to the toilet during class?  Being allowed to go to the toilet is not only a basic human right, it is also a medical necessit... read more

Magnesium - The Miracle Mineral

4th May 2012

If your child is irritable and moody, has difficulty sleeping,  is constipated, anxious or stressed, they could be deficient in Magnesium. Fish, leafy greens and vegetables are good sources of mag... read more

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