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"Does anyone go to a school where the PTA aren't just involved in fund-raising issues? My son started school last year and I assumed that the PTA would represent parents views and problems and help sort them out with the school. I've been told by my class PTA rep that none of the PTA get involved with parent issues..."

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School Forum

"I'm not happy with my school's disciplinary procedure. It is very harsh and lots of parents are very worried about the effects its having on our children. What can we do to change it or can we 'opt our children out' of this?"

Tabs, St Mary's Primary School


Year Group Forum

"Are the kids meant to be in school uniform for Thursdays trip?"

Year 11, St Anne's High School




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Empowering parents & carers to improve their children’s school experience

What is My School Gate?                 

An independent, anonymous, private networking site where parents and carers, with children of pre-school age through to sixth-form, can talk to each other about school-related issues. My School Gate’s database of the UKs 57,000 nurseries, schools and sixth forms enables parents and carers to talk within forums specific to their children’s school and year group.  You can also talk to parents and carers across the UK in our six national forums. 

When you need help, information or advice about a school matter, nothing beats talking to others who have been in, or are in, the same boat.  My School Gate can help with solving day to day issues, such as advice about homework or a lost pe kit, as well as more serious matters affecting your child.  

My School Gate puts you back in the driving seat of your child’s education. You can make a huge difference to your child’s school experience by knowing more about what they are doing on a day-to-day basis through your school forums. We believe in transparency within schools, and My School Gate aims to go some way to achieving this.


Register on the site via the ‘subscribe’ button, select the school(s) your children attend and you will be given access to eight forums:

  • Year Group Forum – talk to parents in your child’s year group within their school (this forum is private to your school’s year group)
  • School Forum – discuss matters specific to your child’s school (this forum is private to your school)
  • The Hubs - talk to parents up and down the country on our national school forums (There are six national forums: All School, Sixth Form, Secondary, Primary, Pre-school and Teachers Hubs)

If you are homeschooling, type ‘homeschooling‘ into the search bar and you will have access to your child’s year group homeschooling forum as well as a nationwide homeschooling forum.

School ratings

You can rate your school according to seven different categories: Your child’s happiness, their social well-being and education, teacher accessibility, communication, leadership of the school and extra curricular activities. You can also view the ratings given to other UK schools by parents/carers whose children are currently attending those schools.


Keep up to date with school matters, join in our debates and sign petitions for issues you feel strongly about.

Emailing other parents

You can send and receive private emails to other like-minded parents on the site via your ‘My Messages’ box.

Contact Us

If you need information about a school issue, please get in touch with us via the ‘Contact us’ page.  We cannot promise to respond to every enquiry but we will do our best.

Surveys and Questionnaires

Express your views via our ‘one-click’ surveys and get an overall view of what other parents think about issues affecting school children.

Useful Links

If you need further help or advice with a problem at your child’s school, you can contact one of the organisations on our ‘Useful Links’ page.

Petitions and Lobbying

From time to time, some of the issues raised by My School Gate attract a great deal of interest. When such matters arise, this interest is put to its best advantage by creating petitions and submitting them to central government. Once petitions attract over 100,000 signatures, these are eligible for debate within Parliament. There are also links to relevant existing petitions which you may take an interest in. You can make a huge difference to your child’s education by joining forces with others and making your views count.


You will be asked to choose a screen name when you register which will be the name that appears when posting questions or comments. This anonymity is intended to give you the confidence to speak out without the worry of being judged for voicing your opinions or concerns.


All donations to My School Gate will go towards developing the My School Gate site and improving the level of service provided to its members.



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Victoria Road Primary School


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All donations will go towards developing the My School Gate site and improving the level of service provided to its members... read more